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Not only do I like to paint I also like to write poetry. So here is a little snippet for you to enjoy.



Here are some more delightful ladies for you to cast your eyes upon. Its an evolution the aim is to produce a painting and then paint over it more freely.....I cheated shhhh I did a photocopy of the first one....I know I know I couldn't bear to paint over her. This is a lesson from Misty Mawn another LB special.

Material used - Acrylic paint only

Material used - Acrylic paint only

I'm not sure where Day of the Dead came from but it just popped into my head! and this is the result. I loved letting loose on this picture and seeing where it would end up.


I've been having a blast on LB2017 and meeting some great artists along the way. some of the teachers include Tamara Laporte, Andrea Gomoll and Misty Mawn to name but a few. Im learning some great techniques and will hope to incorporate some of what i've learned into my own work, in my style of course! here are some of the pretty ladies I have produced.



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Society6 shop opened!

Yep I did!.....I've opened a society6 shop you can access the link below and in the sidebar. I actually wanted to see what my images looked like on products (and needed new cushions for the sofa)..... which is pretty cool actually!! its crazy to think the art from my own fair hand is now on products.

Feel free to head there if you want to treat yourself....oh go on support an artist today!

Feather Lady. Throw cushion

Feather Lady. Throw cushion

Deer Lady. Coloured pencil sketchy drawing.

Deer Lady. Coloured pencil sketchy drawing.

You can find these cushions and other yummy products at the link below or click in the sidebar.

Sketchy Ladies

I thought I'd show some of my sketchy ladies to you lovely people. I like to take my sketchbook out where ever I go and being a busy momma, sometimes I only get little snippets of time to work on my art. 

When i'm out and about its difficult to paint so I have a small pencil case that holds black pens and coloured pencils. Even with limited supplies magic can still be created.

Pea Fairy!

Here is some new art! I enjoyed creating this lady I originally thought about her hair and I had textured lilac circles in my mind and then this lady came out.... its funny how it never turns out quite how I originally thought (actually that happens all the time!) and another thing is I actually wasn't thinking about creating a lady I was thinking more as a background but she just appeared.

I have ladies and fairies on the brain right now, I don't know why? but I'm just running with it. What i've learnt over time is I'm a really intuitive painter and at times I'm surprised at what comes out. I enjoy painting this way and I find I'm happier with what I produce when I work this way.

pea fairy and birdsml.jpg
You whispered in my ear, ‘You are amazing my dear’.
— Karen Arribas

New art and New beginnings

Its been a while since my last post but something has occurred to me and that is I missed posting. Its a documentation of my life as an artist, not only do I owe it to you the reader, I also owe it to myself to show up and document and show the world. So whats been happening.........

Evolution is in the air for me, I've been busy creating and finding my voice. I decided to stop fighting and gave myself permission to create whatever came at me. Sometimes creating can feel forced if you feel you are expected to do a certain topic, style etc. 

 I love to create animals and other such topics but I had an itch, urge, whisper or whatever you want to call it to create ladies and fairies! I used to love drawing fairies when I was a little girl, maybe I'm just not done with the topic. When I think of fairies I think of tinkerbell or some other kind creature. Although being kind is a great strength, I also wanted to show other facets such as their strength, power, humility and as the queens and fearless ladies they are.

I also got inspired with my writing and wanted to combine the two in some way. It felt right it felt natural and so Ive decided to run with it. Here is some of the work I have been creating. 

Fairy Princess - Ink and watercolour.

Fairy Princess - Ink and watercolour.

She looked into the distance and saw the light. She was no longer afraid to embrace it.
— Karen Arribas
For more work visit the gallery

For more work visit the gallery

Be the clown. Be with your crown. Be the Queen. Be you and not just seen. Be the amazing you.
— Karen Arribas

Green Fingers!

Im no gardener, no definitely not. My mother was a keen gardener and I grew up surrounded by beautiful roses (her favourite) amongst other flora. But me i'd kill most of my plants! not on purpose!! i just didn't have the inclination to want to garden.

As I've gotten older and I now have the little one. Im keen as mustard to learn and there's something about planting a seed and watching it grow that I now find bewitching. I also want to give back to earth in some small way, be self sustaining and know where some of my food has come from.

So Ive decided to join the local community garden, its such a great concept. Its quite a new community garden so we're all learning. I have my very own little plot. 

community garden1.jpg

New print in the shop!

Continuing on with the theme of sheep there is a new addition to the shop. Im very inspired by my environment and although I want to keep pushing with the english countryside, I'm now back in Australia and the tropical birds and colours are starting to infiltrate my work again! until then i'll leave you with my latest addition.

sheep and house.jpg

Quick sheep sketch

I like to do quick sketches to warm up and get the creativity flowing. The more I draw the quicker the ideas come to me. My daughter loved seeing all the farm animals in the nearby paddocks so I decided to do some designs of the woolly sheep.

A sheep we saw on one of our walks......although its not very woolly!

More sheep in the paddock, the countryside was so energising and inspiring.


Its not sheep related but I just love this gate as it reminds me of a secret garden!

New print available in my shop!

I have a new print available in my shop. I have houses on my mind and Im still inspired by my trip abroad in the UK were there was so many cute houses to look at.

Part of the design process. I will sketch a lot of my drawings in my sketch pad first so I can get an idea of composition.

houses framesml.jpg

Final piece!


Three months of travelling to see family in UK, I bought a new camera and a whole new world of colours and shapes opened up to me. The countryside has such an array of flowers and lush greenery I was constantly taking walks, taking photos and discovering new places.

Music To My Ears

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing.
— Pele

I started piano lessons the other day and I loved it! this is definately a year of new starts and challenges. 

It is a group session rather than a one on one which for me is a lot more fun environment to learn in and my terrible rendition on 'doh rey mi' is not so prominently heard! Ive wanted to learn the piano for as long as I could remember (just like my drawing.....creativity comes in many shapes and forms I suppose).

When I was younger I always felt a bit jealous of my friend who would have to go off and do violin lessons. I wasn't from a musical family so I was not really pushed into learning one. Im not blaming anyone quite the contrary as its made me work harder for what I want. For me it'll take hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and so far I'm loving it.


I am a newbie to podcast......I know! I cant believe its taken me so long and I'm addicted. My recent addiction is listening to Kelly rae Roberts and Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love). I'll be honest at first I thought these ladies were a bit woo woo, but as I've been delving more into their world I've realised these ladies are onto something great! Now listening to them on a regular basis is like being wrapped with a warm fuzzy blanket or a big hug from a friend and they validate I am on the right path.

If you'd like to listen: